Why Donate With nKoso?

Sylvester Owusu, June 10, 2013

Connect with a student!

There's something about giving to someone you can connect with. Someone you can pick to donate to; perhaps because you like their story, their picture or their name. A connection you alone can explain.

We create that for you at nKoso. We have enhanced the experience of donating to a cause. You are not donating money to just some kid out there, but rather you are funding tuition costs for a student or students of your choice. It doesn't stop there! We take you with us by utilizing our 100% transparency 100% of the time adventure. You will discover that your contribution is going where it is intended to go. You can follow it every step of the way through screenshots of our transactions and receipt of payment for your student on the student's profile. We will keep you up to date with the student's advancement in school and even an opportunity to fund toward their education the following year.

Fund a student today and experience the joy of giving!