St. Cecilia Educational Centre

Sylvester Owusu, March 31, 2013


St. Cecilia Educational Centre was founded in September 1994 by Mr. Peter Kwame Amoako. It began as a nursery and has grown to kindergarten, primary school and finally junior high school over the years. Presently, some of the first students to graduate from St. Cecilia’s are in tertiary institutions around the country (Ghana). The mission of St. Cecilia’s is to “train the youth to acquire the necessary basic education for future development.” The school is proud to have achieved the following:

1.) In 2008, the school ranked first out of 84 schools in the Municipal Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E).

2.) They have demonstrated outstanding results in games and sports

3.) In one instance, the school represented the municipality in a regional science competition

4.) In 2009, a student of St. Cecilia’s was awarded a scholarship for academic brilliance to continue his studies in one of the most reputed secondary schools in the region.

5.) St. Cecilia Educational Centre has seen students graduate their school and continue on to higher levels of education.

Hear what Mr. Peter Kwame Amoako has to say about nKoso:

Do students at your school have problems affording the tuition? If yes what do you do in those situations?

For the tuition, many parents are unable to pay the fees. The school sometimes has to write it off.

What were your feelings when nKoso first approached you about being a partner?

We were highly happy when nKoso first approached us to be a partner to assist in the education of the youth.

In your opinion is the service provided by nKoso beneficial to the students at your school and your community?

Yes, in our opinion the service being provided will be of great benefit to the students of the school and the community because the beneficiaries would at least be released a little from the burden of paying fees.

What do you like about nKoso?

What I like about nKoso is that it is coming to help the beneficiary students to be able to pay their fees and also to assist them to be in school so as to achieve their aim in life.