Some insights shared during our live discussion last night! Thank you all.

Sylvester Owusu, October 09, 2013


nKoso: Education allows the pursuit of human rights. In what ways do you believe that education empowers children? Please feel free to share your thoughts and insights below.

"I believe it allows growth and development in children by strengthening their individual capabilities!" -- Michelle Bair

"It empowers them to become better people in the future , empowers new ideas, new inventions, new cures and new people."-- Valentina Rivera

nKoso: Absolutely, Valentina Rivera! These fundamentals are lacking in developing countries. Educated children will grow and contribute to the betterment of their country and also the world.

"I believe that it is important for children be educated about various information, but I think education is also very important for the social aspect side of things. Education centers allow for children so have social stimulant which allows for them to learn the tools for building relationships. There are so many tools we learn! I have learned how to be organized, how to treat others, studying techniques, and so much more!" -- Dilan Clements

"Education empowers children grow to reach their highest potential as an individual. It is a right that every child should be able to have."--Blair Whitney

nKoso: Blair Whitney, we so completely agree. No one should be denied the right to an education simply because of the condition that they were born into.

"I believe education empowers children of the world because eventually they will become leaders of all countries and need positive communication skills (developed through early education) to create a healthy and happy environment for all. Thank you for opening this conversation up!!"-- Eleanor Whitcomb

"Education opens up doors that would otherwise be closed. Thus, it empowers!" -- Daniel Debski

"Education is to the mind as phyical exercise is to the body. Education allows one to move through life with reason and understanding." -- Shelly and Boo Blodgett

"Education will enable children to make wiser choices when opportunities arise." -- Renee Mitchko-Benedetti

nKoso: Beautiful Renee! We have to be able to show up and have the skills to take advantage of opportunities when they present in our lives!

"In a world where education is poo-pooed by those who can most afford it, we have a DUTY to provide it to those who are ceaselessly seeking it, who want to learn, who have minds that can be opened. As citizens of the world and the universe (and adults who can afford to provide educational resources, whether they be financial, emotional or spiritual) we have a responsibility to work as hard as we can to reward those who seek to learn with the richest reward imaginable - the capacity for critical reasoning." -- Mary Grace

"Education is simply the cure for IGNORANCE. As it has been once said, "Ignorance is bliss". I hold these truths to be self evident as education opens doors to understanding and ultimately allows one to be receptive to constructive and destructive criticism. By all means, it is an enabler of critical and complex thinking." -- Professor Cornelius Heck

"Education empowers children by giving them the skills and confidence to become active members in their community. It is also key to better jobs and wages and health awareness. Education is vital to an individuals quality of life." -- Alicia Hanafy

nKoso: Education helps promote health, social development, and future economic opportunities. How has education impacted your own lives?

"The most important thing that I have learned in my education is how to critically dismantle an argument and asses the logic of each individual part, as well as the whole. It affects every aspect of my life, from deciding which groceries to purchase to developing long term financial goals to assessing the merits of different arguments put forth by our leaders. What is the most important thing to teach a child? HOW TO QUESTION" -- Mary Grace

"Education has changed my view of the planet by opening me up to the periphery of our world to the aspects of culture and human nature that are overlooked in popular media and ignored in place of ignorance. Without education I would not have as great an understanding for my place in the world or what I want to do with my life. Education gives hope which is empowerment." --Aaron Francisco Segura

nKoso: Through education we can address gender equality. Tell us what education of a girl means to you!

"As the saying goes, When you educate a woman you educate a woman. Educated girls will help break the cycle of povert. Girls with education will most likely get jobs, earn their own income, plan thier families well and seek education for thier childre. Educated girls learn to depend on themselves." -- Gloria Grabski

"Education of the female gender is foundational to core nucleus of society. One must understand the wound of a mother/woman bears the burden of future generations, which directly relates to the molding of the following: thoughts, actions, reactions, feelings, and emotions. In essence, without WOman...there will be no MAN as EDUCATION starts in the WOMB." -- Professor Cornelius Heck

"Women with an education in parts of Africa are less likely to contract HIV/AIDS and have smaller and healthier families." -- Philomena Asare

"As a proud feminist, I would say that educating women empowers all people. Women who are educated are less likely to submit to patriarchal rule and more likely to demand equal rights for men and women. They are more likely to raise their children to value education and the potential contributory value of every person in a community. They have higher earning capacity, a greater sense of self-worth and provide wonderful role models for younger girls or women. No society that stifles 51% of its thinkers can hope to rise to power in the modern world." -- Mary Grace

"Well said Mary Grace! I agree! I also want to address the importance of physical education and recreational sports for girls. Taking the time to teach a girl how to throw a ball or swing a bat is important in educating females about fitness, health and the concept of teamwork. The concept of teamwork introduced at a young age for girls through sports is a lesson they will use throughout their entire life." -- Eleanor Whitcomb

"Education for a female is as good as gold. It allows her to be as savvy, witty, knowledgeable as her male counter part. She can be equally as financially successful as a male can with the proper education. Little girls are growing up and becoming business owners, CEO's , Marketing moguls, etc... It is especially important for young females in countries that don't place emphasis on women's rights and opinions. A proper education will put enough weapons in the arsenal to combat oppression, poverty, and gender inequality. Education makes it a level playing field." --Jiovany Arroyo