Soccer Tournament Leads to School Improvements!

Anna Owusu, August 14, 2014


Our team recently returned from a two week trip to Ghana. We had an unbelievable time! It was powerful to have an opportunity to meet all the students and families that we have been working. We were greeted so warmly by our partner schools and Nissi Care, the small orphanage where 5 of our students live. I think we all left a little different than we arrived.

During our time in Dormaa-Ahenkro, we hosted a soccer tournament between our three partner schools and another prospective partner school. The turn out was unbelievable! The skill and spirit of the players was incredible. We offered each school a small cash prize for the winning schools and the others for participating to be used for a small project to enhance their school. We recently received word St. Cecilia used the funds to purchase teaching materials and learning games for their youngest students. We're so excited to share the pictures that they shared with us and happy that a small gift is creating some new opportunities for our partner schools.