nKoso’s First Soccer Tournament: Sabwill’s Dining Tables and Benches

Anna Owusu, October 16, 2014


You may remember, back in May on our trip to Ghana, we hosted a soccer tournament. Let me tell you, this was a bigger success and more fun than we could ever have imagined. Those children love to play soccer! They showed up in their team uniforms ready to play and to put on a show for the unexpectedly large audience.

This soccer tournament was a vehicle for an initiative to help improve the schools we work with at nKoso. Sabwill Educational Complex came in second place and used the prize money to purchase dining tables and benches for the students to have a place to eat lunch and snack. Prior to this purchase, there were no dining facilities at the school.

Sabwill is located in a rural part of Ghana. They currently power the school through solar power, as there is no electricity available. They are lacking a number of resources that they would like to provide to their students, but are determined to continue making improvements.

Keep checking back with us so that we can keep you updated on what the other schools did with their prize money in an effort to improve the schools!