Nissi Care Orphanage

Anna Owusu, July 29, 2013


Mrs. Grace Ntow-Darko is a humanitarian who believes in education. A lady pastor in Dormaa Ahenkro, she has spent the last seven years committed to caring for the most vulnerable children in her community. Using her financial resources, her husband’s pension, and her generous heart, she has taken in children who's parents have passed away, become ill or can no longer provide for them. Additionally she helps needy families provide food, clothing, and other necessities to their children. Currently she is caring for a total of 23 young people.

Mrs. Grace approached nKoso to help her provide a better education for the children she cares for. nKoso has accepted 6 of these young students for tuition assistance. They are currently attending public schools but with your help will be enrolled at Yesu Mmo, one of our partner schools in the fall of 2013. At Yesu Mmo they will receive a quality, primary education. The budgets for these students is larger than those of other student's education being funded on nKoso because we are helping Mrs. Grace with other educational expenses like uniform, text books, lunch and bus transportation. Please join with us in providing education for Patricia, Frank, Comfort, Jephtha, Abigail Y., and Abigail G. at Yesu Mmo!