Nellie Jewelry Designs: Soulful Creations to Adorn Your Lifestyle

Anna Owusu, December 09, 2013


Talk about soulful! Nellie's jewelry comes straight from her heart and soul. She's beyond creative and always inspiring. She pulls from so many parts of life even when they don't seem to fit together. I've known Nellie since the day she was born. She's my sista from another mistah (yeah I said it), so I know first hand the love and dedication that goes into each piece she creates. She, too generously has given me so many Nellie Jewelry gifts. It's pretty dominant in my jewelry box. It's great because there is something for everyone. But I think what's so amazing about her work is that she knows how to bring two worlds together. Nellie has become really talented at showing that no matter the dissonance, it all fits together. It's full of contradictions and it doesn't always seem to fit or make sense, but somehow it always works. I think it's a perfect depiction of life. Not always what you might expect, but so worth it.

Oh, and did I mention that she donates $5 to nKoso for every piece she sells. Translation: you get really awesome jewelry to give to a loved one (or maybe keep for yourself) and a child gets closer to staying in school...seems like everyone is winning. Nellie is truly a creative, but more than that, she is also an amazing human being. I don't think there's more to say after that....except this: go check out Nellie Jewelry Designs.