Sylvester Owusu, October 03, 2013



At nKoso we committed to funding education at an affordable private school for six orphan students. We are thrilled to announce that 5 of them are fully funded. This week we are featuring Abigail, a ten year old 2nd grader. Abigail's parents are divorced and not able to care for Abigail. A relative brought her to live at a small orphanage. The caretaker believes that education is important and is doing all she can to create brighter futures for the children she cares for. Abigail is a funny student who enjoys learning math and hopes to be a teacher. She likes playing football (soccer) in her free time.

For $432 we can make a quality education possible, bringing with it a brighter future. Abigail's tuition fee includes the cost to attend school ($154) as well the cost for text books/stationary ($42), exercise books ($8), school uniform with footwear ($50), school lunch/bus transportation ($166) cost for the year. Her guardian's compassion and commitment to the needy children of her village is inspiring. Visit Abigail's profile and learn about how you can help her attend school this year.

Interested in helping Abigail without making a contribution? Contact Anna Owusu at to learn other ways to support quality education for our students.

Quality Education for All!

Sylvester & Anna Owusu