Happy Father's Day!

Anna Owusu, June 16, 2013


Happy, Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers, grandfathers and other father figures out there who are touching lives. I've got a great father who has always worked hard to provide for my brothers and myself, but he also made sure to take time to connect with each of us. Father's Day always gives me pause to remember the incredible job that he has done being a dad and remind myself how grateful I am for having such a present father.

One of my favorite parts of nKoso is learning about the stories of the students, but so many of them have tales of absent family members and especially fathers. It's disheartening to reflect on how many young people grow up all over the world without fathers. I can't imagine the challenges of growing up without a dad, as mine has been such an integral part of who I have become. So, on Father's Day this year, I hope we all give a shout out to not only the awesome fathers, but the incredible people that are raising the children of the world. And in the absence of so many fathers, I hope we consider what we can do for the children of our increasingly global village.

Thanks, Boo (my dad), Grandpa and all the men that came before me that made my life of opportunity possible. I wouldn't be where I am today without the sacrifice and hard work of the older generations!