Guest Blog by Aaron Segura!

Anna Owusu, December 02, 2013


Focusing on anything but waking up early enough to make class, hoping that whatever the cafeteria has for lunch is eatable, and surviving the week until Friday can be a pretty arduous task as a student – I know this first hand. But being a student – or really, a human – is about so much more than just worrying about the trivial things is life - is it about transcending the boundaries of 'everyday' and opening yourself to new experiences, as cliché as that might sound. Doing this does not have to be in a drastic way, like traveling to India to live in a rural community in the Himalaya's, but can come from small, gratifying, experiences. Throughout the past several months these are the types of experiences I have had the opportunity to commit myself to by working with nKoso.

Specifically, I have had the opportunity to host my own fundraiser and spread awareness in my immediate community – Clark University - for the work that nKoso does - and something that I truly value and am lucky to have: an education. My experience with nKoso has really been my first for both hosting a fundraiser and raising awareness around not only an issue, but an organization. Here are some brief thoughts and things that I learned a long the way.

What I didn't initially realize about hosting a fund raiser and spreading awareness, is that it causes you to take a stance on an issue and convince others that what you're advocating for is important. This means talking to people you have never met in a 'professional' manner, so to speak, and truly voicing your opinion. This can be difficult. For me, it was a bit uncomfortable at the beginning however, the more I spoke to people and realized how willing to listen and how interested they were in what I was speaking about, the easier it became – a small interaction can go a long way. If you are a student reading this and are interested in hosting a fund raiser, don't hesitate to speak to professors or give a brief presentation of you fundraiser in class – I have learned that people truly do care about people!

Although the above is very much my experience with some of my work with nKoso, I am writing this to say that every experience will likely be wildly different and can be shaped any way that you would like with as much creativity as your heart desires. The big part is taking the initiative to try something outside of the everyday routine.