First nKoso Benefit Dinner!

Anna Owusu, November 25, 2013


Last weekend on Nov. 16, nKoso teamed up with Stephanie Olinski to throw the first nKoso Benefit Dinner! It was an intimate potluck with around 30 guests. Alex served up drinks at the bar while Ben provided technology for donations to students. The night was a success! There was dinner, dancing, and good conversation. I shared the humble beginnings of nKoso and the impact that we can make when we all work together. We were fundraising for 5 students and were able to fully fund three of them! The remaining two were just dollars away from meeting their goal amount. James helped guests donate to students on laptops and their mobile devices. Innovative technology was hard at work, making donating quick, easy, and safe. Sylvester got the dance floor jumping and it was a party after that!

It was certainly proof that a good time can be used to facilitate a powerful giving experience. We're so lucky and privileged to be in a position to offer a gift to another human being. Mosey over to our Facebook page to check out more pictures from the event!