En route to Dormaa-Ahenkro!

Anna Owusu, May 13, 2014

Excitement is mounting as we are now about to depart on a trip to Ghana!

That's right folks! A crew of 7 nKoso team members are embarking on a trip to Dormaa-Ahenkro in mid-western Ghana. This is the place that inspired Anna and Sylvester to start nKoso in the first place. We will get the opportunity to connect with the students and families whose educations we have all been working to fund.

Preparations are in order. Submit passport, get vaccines, figure out what to pack, say a prayer that all the plans fall into place...

Of course, the majority of the excitement is not from all of the preparations, but from the thought that we will finally meet the children whose pictures and biographies I've been looking at over the past year. We are looking forward to an incredibly impactful experience that will remind us what we are all working to support.

While we are there we will have the opportunity to visit the schools and meet with the students, visit their families, update student registrations, and introduce ourselves to potential new schools that are in need of financial assistance. We will also be going to the Mercy House Orphanage where nKoso works to fund education for 5 children who live there. We want to connect with the community and ensure that our work is having the intended impact of empowerment and hope.

We’re looking forward to meeting the families of these children, hearing their voices and seeing them as they truly are: comfortable, in their own environment, and not awkwardly forcing a smile as their nKoso photos are snapped. After all, not all children are raised as American's are these days -- conditioned to pose for anything with a flash.

It's destined to be an awe inspiring trip, and one that we all hope to document as well as we possibly can, so we can share our experience with you. Stay tuned to nKoso for future posts with pictures, video and reflection!

Written by Alicia Lane