BabyShakes: Go on and get some!

Anna Owusu, December 12, 2013


BabyShakes! Just about the cutest thing ever. If you haven't checked out the merchandise for BabyShakes, get your buns over to BabyShakes and peruse their children's clothing line inspired by Shakespeare. It's freaking ADORABLE. We were so excited when BabyShakes wanted to collaborate with nKoso and design a special little line that donates 25% of proceeds toward providing a quality education for students with nKoso. It's a amazing people like Kirsten and Charlie that recognize the good they can do while pursuing something that they truly enjoy. I mean, really, how cute and creative is BabyShakes?! They create their own designs and do their own screen printing. I mean, come on. So. Awesome.

We hope that you'll support BabyShakes (especially this holiday season) and not just because they are working with us, but because what they're doing is great. It's awesome to know there are people in this world that want to contribute and make a positive impact. Thanks, Kirsten and Charlie. We love BabyShakes and are so thankful for your hard work and generous spirits!