Abigail is Fully Funded!

Anna Owusu, November 06, 2013


Abigail is fully funded! I can't tell you how excited and happy I am. Abigail lives at Mercy House, a small orphanage in rural mid-western Ghana. Most of the students accepted by nKoso send only one picture with their application and it is published on their nKoso profile. With the students that we accepted from Mercy House, we were privy to some awesome photos of the students in their home. We got to see them laughing and having fun in more candid displays. They were all adorable, but for some reason Abigail stood out. She was always smiling and seemingly cheerful! I know every nKoso student by name and face. They are all special children who have the capacity to touch and warm a heart. For whatever reason, Abigail touched mine. She has the biggest smile and it seems that despite a difficult start to life, she has a vibrant and resilient spirit. I thought that she would be fully funded quickly and I was disappointed that she hung around on the website for as long as she did. But today was her day! I'm so glad that eight other individuals felt inclined to make a difference in supporting Abigail! Thanks to all who helped her move from a public school and into an affordable private school where she'll receive a quality education. Woot woot for Abigail and education!!